ESMSLLC Effective Sales Management System
"Where proven fundamentals meet today's technology"                 


  Research has found that as many as 70% of leads are typically

  lost, ignored, or eliminated. When you stay in touch and

  continually follow up with your prospects, you will be well

  positioned to be there when the customer is ready to buy.


  Although this will take no more than a few seconds to read, its

  powerful message will help your salespeople...  



      • Manage their time and Priorities
      • Stay focused on Sales Ready Opportunities
      • Identify and Prioritize their best Prospects
      • Increase the percentage of leads who become Profitable Customers          
      • Spend more time with people who have the Capacity to make decisions
      • Manage and Reduce lost Pipeline Activity

It has been said that most companies lose track of more than 50% of their leads somewhere during the sales cycle. ESMS is a system for controlling, managing and reporting company sales so your salespeople will get better use of their time and more accurate sales funnel management.

   "Habit is the intersection of knowledge (what to do), skill (how to do), and desire (want to do)."

                                 Stephen Covey

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