ESMSLLC Effective Sales Management System

       "The Six (6) Key Components for Effective Sales Management"

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  The greatest retention strategy you can have is improving the
   performance of your Sales Managers!

  What are you doing to improve
the performance of your Sales 

A significant improvement in Sales Force Management with improved standards and expectations will have a much larger impact on your sales than any conventional sales training program. When you improve the skills of
the person managing your salespeople, you find solutions that optimizes your selling process, achieves critical business decisions and uses your resources wisely.

Although this will take no more than a few seconds to read, its powerful message will help you and your Sales Managers...
      • Ramp up new salespeople with minimum risk
      • Improve the performance of your middle producers
      • Increase the productivity of your top performers 
      • Close GAPS and align with your salespeople
      • Reduce Costly Turnover
When you and your Sales Managers are not aligned with your sales force, it could lead to a slew of unintended negative consequences.
Consequences that result in...
              • Lost productivity
              • Increased turnover
              • Poor morale
              • Little or no return on investment                        
Working together, we can develop an integrated system that closes GAPS with you and your sales managers
bringing focus and accountability to your sales force. ESMS will help keep your
salespeople focused on what matters, what's important and what gets the biggest results.

   "Habit is the intersection of knowledge (what to do), skill (how to do), and desire (want to do)."

                                 Stephen Covey

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