ESMSLLC Effective Sales Management System

       "The Seven (7) Key Elements for Effective Sales Management"

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  A significant improvement in Sales Force Management with
  increased standards and expectations will have a much greater 
  impact than any conventional sales training program.


When building a B to B Sales Force, apart from the loss of time, energy and cash flow in making a mistake in the hiring is the actual cost of hiring fees, training costs and monthly base salary; these are costs before a single additional sale is even made.

ESMS specializes in Sales Force Management and "Across the Board" have found that most companies, large or small, are paying way too much for recruiting and training without mitigating turnover which has a huge effect on the bottom line. WE help put that money back on your bottom line.

Although the learning/productivity curve for each sales representative is different, at a certain point each person is either making it or not. The earlier you can force this decision point on yourself, the better. With ESMS and the execution of the Seven (7) Key Elements, for effective Sales Management; selection errors will surface rather quickly.

Although this will take no more than a few seconds to read, its powerful message will help you and your Sales Managers...
      • Manage the time and priorities of your salespeople
      • Identify and rectify poor performing strategies and tactic            
      • Stay focused on sales ready opportunities
      • Spend more time with people who have the capacity to produce
      • Reduce costly turnover

The ability to significantly influence the behavior of others is a skill that few people master. That's why there are lots of good coaches but only a few great ones. Very few "new" salespeople will understand the importance of prospecting and qualifying, the rest will require guidance and direction to take them down the path of productivity.

The first and most obvious necessity for successfully directing others is to set high standards and expectations. When delivering feedback, this is a great time to make certain that the sales person clearly understands the standards and expectations that have been agreed upon. Introducing this element into the dialogue will help reinforce your message in a positive way.

ESMS is a system for controlling, managing and reporting company sales so you and your sales managers will get better use of their time and stop working re-actively, putting out fires. ESMS and the execution of the (7) Key Elements for effective Sales Management, will help you develop strong coaching skills and attributes so you can, not just manage, but truly grow your Salespeople.

   "Habit is the intersection of knowledge (what to do), skill (how to do), and desire (want to do)."

                                 Stephen Covey

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